Can I cite a link to a particular record that will last for decades?

G'day Guys

Andrew Cairns of the NAA Staff stated in a previous discussion:

"You are correct - the URLs in RecordSearch are session-specific. It is possible to create a permalink to items using the following URL template:[ItemBarcodeNumber] where [ItemBarcodeNumber] is the item's barcode number. . . . . "

While I would like to take the statement at face value, this form of URL doesn't look like a usual permalink or digital object identifier. Before I proceed to create several hundred citations in the above format, it would be great to have confirmed that that this URL format will continue to work for decades to come. Can anyone assist?


Sam Dellit

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Hi Sam,

I have discussed this with our technical staff. Unfortunately, due to the current set up of RecordSearch, items do not have digital object identifiers. We are hoping to implement this along with a number of other modenisation changes as part of longer-term updates to our systems.

In the short term, however, the URL format you mention above is the best that we can offer. We don't anticipate that these will stop working in the forseeable future, but can't guarantee that they will persist as a true DOI or permalink would.

For the purposes of citation we still recommend that reseachers cite a record by its series number, control symbol and item barcode. Please see citing archival records for further information.


Andrew Cairns

NAA Staff


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