Hi all can any one help,i arrived under fathers name in 1970 and i need to get visa or citizn ship quickly,and cannot find anything other than arrival in Australia was told by citzen line 2 years ago that i was made a citizen in 1980 but now no record of me at all i am married to Australian and have 3 sons who are Australian ,have registerd a inquiry though naa but am stressing and need to chase this up anyone with advise please 

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Hello Alison

I have confirmed with our National Reference Service - they received your inquiry last week and it is in progress.  We aim to respond to reference inquiries within 30 days, please see our Service Charter at http://www.naa.gov.au/about-us/organisation/service-charter/index.aspx

I recommend you contact the Department of Immigration as they will be able to verify your citizenship if you were naturalised in 1980.  Their general inquiries number is 131 881.



(NAA staff) 




Hi Tonya ty vm for reply I have contacted that depart. they have no records of me at all,so will wait for your department,my problem now is i was under different(single name) when i arrived

Hi Alison - have you provided our reference service with your prior name, rather than your current name?  This will help them to locate records if they exist.  Once you have the records in your original name, then your certificate of name change (eg marriage certificate) should help to establish your identity, citizenship status.



I put in the inquiry in married name but the ref code i gave was with my fathers name and i am listed  under that ,sholud i do something else ,maybe call or re write ????

hope to hear again thank you for help xxx


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