Trying here to see if I can get some assistance.  My surname is the first in the title but there is anecdotal evidence to suggest the second is the correct spelling.  My ancestor was born in Prussia, we were told his name was Frederich Wilheim Bourman but he was not well educated and was a shepherd.  Every chance that when he arrived in Melbourne in 1852 or 1853 that the officials heard hm pronounce his name and spelled it the English version.

So - some long term research indicates that he died in 1903 in South Australia,  I want to go back and see if his name changed but also can't look at his naturalisation records to see what happened.  There is a long chain I have chased that suggests that we actually come from Buntenbock in Germany in the old Prussia.

Thoughts about where to go?

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This is the only possible death in SA that I can find in 1903  (19th March 1903)

Digger - South Australian Deaths Registrations 1842 to 191

Surname: BOURMAN
Given Names: Frederick Rudolph
Date: 1903-03-19
Sex: Male
Age: 68 years
Status: N
Relative: (not recorded)
Relative 2:
Residence: Kooringa
Death Place: Kooringa
District Code: Bur
Book: 293
Page: 125



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