I am trying to find out if my parents were at Bonegilla. I am not sure on how to do a search on this website? Any assistance on where I start, greatly appreciated. 

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Janet,   If you go to record search you can put in their names and hopefully their immigration/naturalization records will come up - otherwise you can request a copy if they are not open as yet


Try the Name Search section - immigration & naturalization (from drop down list) to narrow it down


Thanks Elizabeth,

I found a photograph my Dad took of Hume Lake, Bonegilla so I know they were there but I did a search as you said but no results showed? I found my parents names on passenger lists as they came out on the Ormonde in 1951 as AHT Ambrose and T Ambrose so I put this in the search. 

Where can I search further to see if they are on any list at Bonegilla? 

Janet,  I found the record under Name Search - Immigration & Naturalization in the above link

This appears to be the right one so if you put in the exact name for your Father it should come up - you can request a copy

A1877 20/09/1951 ORMONDE AMBROSE A H T AMBROSE Alexander Henry Tidman born 23 January 1923; Thelma (nee Smith) born 2 July 1927; travelled per ORMONDE departing Tilbury on 20 September 1951 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme
Access status: Not yet examined
Location: Canberra
1951 - 1951 7300746

Thanks so much Elizabeth. That is them. I followed Debra's link and sent off a request to find out if they were in Bonegilla.

Ha! They have his date of birth incorrect, it was Jan 28. I wonder if this is why nothing is showing? 

Janet,  The birth date listed in immigration is probably a typo - some records were very difficult to read because of handwriting and this is where errors occur

You should be able to request a copy of their immigration record after you have brought up the record (separate to the Bonegilla records)

I can't give you the direct link on record search as they time out - just put your fathers full name & nothing else and the record should show up & you can request a copy from there


Thanks Elizabeth

Thanks for the link Debra 


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