I am trying to find the enlistment pages for Alfred Alex Davis, who enlisted in the Boer War.

He was born in 1875. His regimental number was 425, and was in the 4th Victorian Imperial Bushmen.

He is listed in the B5179 series item A, but record search brings up no results.

Jenifer Whitwam 

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According to the contents of the description for series B5179, part A starts with the First Victorian Contingent (page 1) and finishes with the Nurses (page 30). However your boy is listed under “Muster Roll of Victorian Contingent (Five Companies of Mounted Rifles) of Imperial Australian Regiment” in Part B and this starts on page 31.

It is possible that the NAA might have got their A and B parts mixed up in the description


Here is a direct link to Alfred (#425): http://soda.naa.gov.au/record/32045876/44 (Note: it is an enlistment line ... whole pages will turn up in WW1)



Thank you Sylvia

Sorted now with lots of info. Not family but needing a summary of another project


Jenifer,  Not sure if this link will provide more info on Alfred



Thank you Elizabeth, for looking

I had found that and have filled some answers I needed but have not been able to find the initial enlistment cover that seems to be available for the others I am looking at, when I go through the name search. In fact using so many spelling combinations that may have been listed, as yet no luck


Jenifer,  I often research Boer War Soldiers for the Virtual War Memorial site and only rarely have come across enlistment details - usually that happens when they also served in the first World War as well and give details about their Boer war enlistment - only seen that a couple of times however

Usually I have to leave the enlistment blank for them


Thank you Elizabeth. You have been helpful

Actually, Victorian enrolments are online, but you'll need a bit of elbow grease to get a a meager one liner only (not a whole page like in WW1).

Link: http://www.naa.gov.au/go.aspx?i=32045874


PS I'd figured out where you'd sourced that "Item A" from and therefore had not given the link to that source myself.

Sylvia,  thanks for that link - bit hard on the eyes with that awful handwriting though !


Exactly, and it is not indexed ... that's why I'll leave it to Jenifer whether she wants to search for Alfred in there.



Thank you.Waded through but could not find his name, but did find some others I was looking for



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