Hello all,

I am new to this forum and seek your advice on best way to obtain the military record of a Boer War solder.

Starting at the end - I have researched and found reference to Gunner OS Pitt 891 -
died of enteric fever at Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa on 18 December 1901.

I am seeking ways of obtaining his full military records to create a timeline for his war experiences.

Oswald Saunders Pitt was born on 5 May 1865 in Maitland, NSW to Charles Saunders Pitt and Ann Prescott.

I am seeking details of his places of residence in NSW during the times of 1865 to 1901.
I am also seeking any details of his marriage and of the birth of his daughter (Martha Wilson)

I have set up a Tree for his family history in Ancestry.com and would like to provide a full picture of his life in my role as researcher for this soldier.

Can you help?


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Carole,  These are some links that may help

Discovering Anzacs site also lists Boer War soldiers
http://discoveringanzacs.naa.gov.au/home/ Soldiers of the Queen - some soldiers joined up in UK and are not mentioned in Australian records so this site may have their names if you cannot find elsewhere http://members.pcug.org.au/~croe/sotq/sotq_abw.cgi
The NSW BDM Index is online if that helps you with his marriage details & any births
also if you google his full name there are a few things that show up
P.S  apologies for the way this reply is presenting but there seems to be a spacing problem on the site

Thanks Elizabeth,

The last link gave me the marriage details I was after. That is another step forward.

I have been scavenging amongst the valuable links from Colin Roe for the Boer War and have written to him directly.

The discovering anzacs link looks promising - a research task for another day.

Yes the Googling of his name, his regiment and his death brought up numerous results. The story is emerging.


Carole,  There is a photo on Trove of this regiment page 21 (A squadron)  - he is listed as OS PETT - not a good picture but you could check the Australian War memorial site to see if they have a better one


There is very little information recorded on Boer War Veterans


Thanks Elizabeth, yes I have captured that image with its caption showing OS Pett for my records.

Trove is an excellent resource for locating reports from the field in the Boer War and news of casualties, deaths and victories in the various skirmishes in the Boer War.

I wondered if the AWM would house photographs like this one and it would be an excellent find for the family of this soldier.


Carole,  Have you seen the info & photos on this site which might help?


another link




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