My G Grandfather Peter Hamilton McMahon was in the Boer War 5th Light horse reg. I can only find single line information. I have his WW 1 records but cannot find any records from the Boer War. Are their any? Will they be made available? Thanks 

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Jane,  Have you seen this site?


Often there is a little bit of info available on NAA for Boer War Records - often it is rather sparse - 

Found this on Record Search (NAA)


bit more info



Thanks Elizabeth, I had seen some of these pages, I wonder why there is so little information on their war records.

kind regards


Jane,  I would hazard a guess that in those days very little information was gathering about the individual soldiers other than what we can already access

Definitely nothing like WW1 records


I’m not a specialist, but these are my experiences:


I haven’t really noticed personal Boer War files that contain the movements of an individual during enlistment (of course there might be some exceptions). Most of that stuff seems to be contained within the reports of the regiments. You could try to page through some of the correspondence files. There might be a remote chance that his name will pop up. (see also: https://www.naa.gov.au/help-your-research/research-guides/boer-war-... )


There are 1 or 2 page enrollment files for e.g Queensland enlistments. However, although your guy was a Victorian who moved to Queensland at some stage, he enlisted in WA at the time of the Boer War. Unfortunately the NAA does not seem to have those files for WA.


Finally, there is a chance that there are some (especially regarding pre-federation) boer war files held somewhere in WA, but I can’t help you with that.



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