Is it possible to put an edit button in the blog section?

It would come in very handy if we need to edit a posting to correct an error or add

additional information - would be easier than having to post  several additional messages



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Hi Elizabeth,

I will look into an edit button and get back to you with results shortly.


Leslie (Archives Staff)

Leslie,   Thanks for your quick reply - I posted a message about this months ago but got no reply

I hope they will be able to put one on as it would be very useful



Leslie,  Sorry had to use this thread as I cannot find where to open a new discussion topic

I am having problems with the new way of searching the war records

What is happening is that it is too small to read and when I try and enlarge it or zoom the image shoots right off the page

Is there a tuturial to help us with this new setup as I am finding it difficult to navigate





Hi Elizabeth,

I am happy to assist.

When you enlarge a digital image the image will automatically readjust and most likely move to the top left corner of the screen.

When this happens, if you put your mouse cursor onto the image it should come up with a 4 point arrow. If you press your mouse button and continue to press it, you will be able to move the image up, down and side to side.

I hope this assists. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Leslie (NAA Staff)

Leslie,    Thanks for your very quick reply - I will give this a go as soon as possible and see what happens

I was finding it very difficult yesterday as my image was going right off the screen into cyberspace


I use this site nearly every day and need to get this sorted soon before I go crosseyed


I have used the other reader that was available & didnt have any problems with that one - that was the experimental one by a fellow called Tim

Can we still use it?





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