I am looking to try to find the birth place of an aunt of mine her name Helen Yelland born 22/9/1933 as privacy laws prohibit access under 100 years it is hard to find maybe there are other sources to find the answer

Ray Verdon     email   r.verdon@bigpond.com

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Hi Ray

You may be able to find a birth announcement by searching through newspapers of the time, which you can find online at Trove http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper?q=.  I did a quick search in Trove for Helen Yelland with no luck, however, if you know an area where you think she may have been born, or where a number of her relatives lived at the time you may be able to find mention of her birth in the local paper in the days after 22 September 1933.

Sorry I wasn't of more help on this occasion, best of luck in your search.



(NAA staff)




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