I      understand there was a Birth of a Vera Drayton 6/11/1888 Reference No.428/5 Mother Melena Murray Father Unknown Born at Unley South Australia

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The mother's name was Melina DRAYTON, not Melina MURRAY.  The child died the following year.


The mother is unlikely to be Melina DRAYTON who married George MURRAY in 1849 as she was probably beyond child bearing age - she remarried in Victoria in 1873 to Goodman JONES and died at Bendigo in 1912.


The mother of Vera may be the same woman who married Otto SCHUMANN in 1892 and was born in Victoria in 1868 to Job DRAYTON and Mary Jane AIKEN.

Thank you. You are correct Vera was the Daughter of Melena who Married Otto Schumann who was killed in the Boer War. Melena then Married James Quinton Campbell -McFadzen By this Marriage she had another Daughter Named Maggie McNeil Campbell ( My Mother). However, Mr. Campbell appears to be a Mystery Man No Record of him or Death. I have an older Sister Named VERA Born in 1930. I was Born in 1937.  Her Third Marriage was to William Weber Wallace Seeley.

Melena & William were Married in 1910 when my Mother was 5 Yrs old. My Mother Married Herbert James Martin in 1927.  Thank you so much. Lyla Rhodes (Nee) Martin.


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