Hello My name Is Nick Blain, I did a adoption search a few years ago when i turned 40 and found out who my Birth parents were, My Birth Fathers name is Mr john Elefteriou Born Bucharest Roumania 7/1/1932, He arrived in Fremantle 3/10/1949 via the Toscana But was deported from the commonwealth on 30/8/1965, If anyone knows him or of him and might be able to tell me where he is that would be great Thanks :)

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Hi Nick

I don’t know how you would locate your birth father’s current whereabouts, and the records of the National Archives of Australia wouldn’t be of use to you as you would only be able to get records that were created on or before 1985 (under the Archives Act 1983, we can only release information that is in the open access period, for more information see http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/fact-sheets/fs10.aspx).  Hopefully someone else out there will see your posting and be able to help.

The National Archives does have records related to assisted migration, and also on deportation of individuals.  You may be able to flesh out your knowledge of your birth father with these records if we have them.  If you would like to follow up this lead you can put in a request with our National Reference Service using the online form http://reftracker.naa.gov.au/reft100.aspx?key=03ImmiRef.  Please provide as much information as possible so our reference officers can differentiate your father from other individuals who may share his name.



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