I am trying to put together my grandfathers WW1 movements at Passchendaele between July 1917 & October same year. He served with the 6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry, but was collected by Australian stretcher bearers and treated for GSW's in an Australian Hospital.

He described the Australians as coming from Brisbane. My research indicates this would most likely be 1 Div, who fought alongside the English Territorials during those terrible times. Theses soldiers made such an impression on him, he emigrated and settled here in 1923.

My search stems from the British records being of the 'burnt' records. Hence, my search among Australian records. If Medical/Patient Cards of casualties treatments were kept, this is my best opportunity to obtain a real understanding of what happened at that time.

Q: Are those Medical Cards kept anywhere, if they survived that is?

In anticipation of an answer, cheers

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