I am researching the graves of 33 Aussies in Wandsworth cemetery, in London, England - all (or most from WW1).


There are two names I cannot trace.


6324 Driver T.L.Clelland   Aus.Field Artillery  10/01/1917


2553 Pte.A.P.Jorgenson  Aus.Army Medical Corps  4/12/1925.


They do not appear to be in the Archives.


Can anybody help me to identify these two or find their records ??

Thanks, Mike Webley


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Hi Mike,

Just a spelling thing - Thomas Livingstone CLELAND (one "L") and Albert Percival JORGENSEN (SEN not SON).  You can also search just using their service number.




Hi Mike

A useful way to search for WWI service records in RecordSearch if a NameSearch or a basic search doesn't yield results is to:

1) Click on the RecordSearch - Advanced Search tab

2) Enter the service number into the 'Keywords in item title field'

3) Enter B2455 into the 'Series number' field (this is the number for the group of WWI service records)

4) Click on search

You will get a number of results, as service numbers weren't unique during WWI, but if the service number you have is correct you should be able to identify your soldiers.

I did a search for the servicemen you are researching and identified:

Barcode   Title

3254300    Cleland Thomas Livingstone : SERN 6324 : POB Ballarat VIC : POE Melbourne VIC : NOK W Cleland Annie

7360918    JORGENSEN Albert Percival [AKA GRAY Albert Percival] : Service Number - 2553 : Place of Birth - Fitzroy VIC : Place of Enlistment - Brunswick VIC : Next of Kin - (Mother) JORGENSEN Mary

As with all of the WWI service records, there are digital copies of the service records for these men - just click on the icon of a document on the top right hand corner of the screen,



(NAA staff)




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