My brother and I have recently started to research our family.

They arrived from The Netherlands in 1954 and came by plane to Sydney.

Even though we have had some success in tracing our family back nearly 400 years in Holland, we cannot find any details about my father or his brothers or my mother and her sisters. Even though we can find their parents.

I cant even find any records of them entering Australia though I know they were naturalised maybe around 1966,

Moonen, Henricus Petrus b 1928

Moonen, Mathilda (nee Janszen) b 1930

Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place?

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Helena,  They are listed under RECORD SEARCH section of this site - their record is not online as yet but you can request a copy (there would be a small fee involved)


they are both listed together so just put Henricus Moonen into the search box & you will be able to request a copy of their naturalization record there




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