Can anyone assist me please?

My Grandfather Gordon Frederick Stanley Card was born in 1906 in Sussex England and we know that he travelled and worked in Australia until returning to the UK in June 1928 from Brisbane.  He worked on a sheep farm in Wonga Wonga we think.  I have inherited from him a boomerang that he brought back and we have a family photograph of him working on a farm in Australia, but that is all we know of his time out there.

I have located his passenger record for his return to UK but I am unable to locate when he arrived in Australia.  I have tried to search using but to no avail as I do not know the ship or port that he arrived or embarked from.

Is there another site that I can locate this information?

Thank you in advance

Martin Gray

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Martin,  There is one possible arrival showing up in Western Australia but without further info it is hard to know whether is is him or not

Name: Mr G Card
Arrival Date: 1923
Arrival Port: Albany, Western Australia
Departure Date: 9 Dec 1923
Vessel Name: Euripides

possibly the same person who then came on to Sydney? - can't access the full record unless you take out a subscription but I will try & find the ships name for the 2nd record as that would definitely be him


Thank you Elizabeth, I will sign up on Find My Past.

The ship he came back to the UK on in Jun 1928 was Euripides the same one as in this record so he might have had a return passage.

It was a long journey for a 17 year old to take in 1923 and as far as we know he was unaccompanied.

Unfortunately he passed away in 1983 and he never spoke to any of us about his time in Australia.



Thank you again I have checked the record and it has solved the question. As a family we have been looking in the wrong place as he departed from London and arrived in Albany WA, as he seems to have made his way across Australia and departed from Brisbane in 1928.

You have managed to find the answer we could not.

Thanks again

Martin,  I am very pleased it was the right one - lucky he has an unusual name

fancy he went back on the same ship !  Yes it seems he went the long way to Brisbane via Western Australia & Sydney - many thousands of miles


1 - I was wondering about the "Wonga Wonga"? I know that there is a place called "Wonga" in Queensland and a place called "Wagga Wagga" in NSW.

2 - Is it possible that your grandfather was one of of the "Dreadnought boys"? I've seen that The Euripides brought Dreadnought boys over on a few occasions. The following newspaper articles will tell you more about the child emigrants on that early 1924 crossing of the Euripides:  & & Here is also a short decsription of the scheme and a blog:

rgds Sylvia


Thank you for these links you have put my mother and Aunts minds at ease with this information as it was rumoured that my Grandad was the black sheep of the family and had been sent out to Australia as he was in trouble in the UK.  Now we know the truth.  We do know that he came back in 1928 as he had been informed his mother was very ill.  My mother remembers the family he stayed with in Australia used to send food parcels to them during rationing and it was very welcome.

I will now start to look for relatives of that family, they have an unusual surname so it might be fairly easy to trace.

Thank you again for your assistance.



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