I have found some immingration records of my fathers arrival by ship to Australia but cannot find his name on any passeger records or manifest. Why is this

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Same problem here. I have all dad's papers here, but according to the site, he's not here - never was! (He's sitting across from me now, so very much here!)
He came from Greece in 1948 but there's no records of his ship, the port, anything!
Thanks for replying Leni. Seems I am not alone ! Have you used Ancestry.com.? I was thinking of signing up for that to help me get some family info but friends who have used it say its useless for Greece/Italy info etc.

Leni, There are a few indexes for post war immigration - can you list a name /ship and I can check for you

Not all immigration records are listed on this NAA site

Honorine,  do you have a name & which ship he arrived on?


Hi Elizabeth. My dads name was Michael Livorness and arrived on the ship Tasmania in Jan 1956

Hard to read, but an “M Livorness” seems to be mentioned on the list when the Tasmania arrives in Fremantle on 30/12/1955

Here is a direct link to the page (#14)



Thanks so much Sylvia...thats him !! He arrived in Melbourne a week later.


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