Could anyone help me work out the name of the boat my grandfather embarked on on the 27 June 1941? I am having trouble understanding the writing...I thought it was E S I I A but maybe G S II A...what do you think?

many thanks


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Penny,   If you know what regiment he was in then you could try some google searching for that regiment which might mention the name of the boat

Can you list his name?


Hi Elizabeth,

His name was George Bell NX45413. At the time he was with the Australian Army Medical Corp. He was embarking for the Middle East where he was assigned to the 2/5 AGH. I have spent hours scrolling through photos on the Australian War Memorial site hoping to come across a photo of a boat that matches.

Any advice you could give would be appreciated. Thankyou!


Penny,  I havnt had any luck so far so will ask a colleague who is a Military Historian to see what he thinks

will let you know when I hear back from him


Penny,  I have had a reply from my colleague as follows - hope it helps

It is a Convoy number.

Convoy US 11 A left for the Middle East from Sydney on the 27/6/1941. It sailed to Freemantle, leaving Freemantle on the 9 July 1941 to Suez. It arrived at Suez on the 31 July 1941.

The convoy consisted of:














4012 TROOPS 







5807 TROOPS 







5723 TROOPS 


At this time all our troops were going overseas in Convoys. For security reasons Ship’s names were at this time never mentioned.



Ref: http://www.convoyweb.org.uk/misc/

Thankyou so much Elizabeth. I would never have stumbled across that information. Makes me so excited when little mysteries are solved. Thankyou (and your colleague) so much for solving it for me!

Do you happen to know if there is anyway to find out which ship my Grandfather was on?



Penny,  Happy to be able to help - my colleague is a mine of information - due to the circumstances at the time I doubt you would be able to find out which one of these ships he would have been on - maybe contact the Australian War memorial and they might be able to help


Thankyou. I did some googling tonight and he was probably on the Queen Elizabeth as it left on the 27th June. The others didn't leave to a few days later. Will keep reading and try the war memorial to verify. Thanks again :)

Penny,  Well that solves your problem if the others didn't leave on that day as it is recorded in his war record

Shouldn't be too difficult to find a picture of this ship - let's hope there are not 3 or 4 with the same name - if so just go by the tonnage to get the right one

If you get stuck let me know as I love researching ships


Will do. Thankyou :)

Dear Elizabeth - many thanks for getting back to me about George Macwardle Taylor. I have now found the correct spelling his middle name but have so far not had any luck in locating any living descendants in an effort to reunite them with some family heirlooms that were left with a friend. Thank you for your help in this matter. Yours sincerely Dianne Cowling (researcher for exPOW Victoria Association)

Diane,  This reply turned up on the incorrect thread but I will send you a friends request with my email address so I can give you the relatives name /address & phone number  for George Macwardle TAYLOR



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