I am looking for Clarence James Day, service number 7722, but he must have served in both wars because all I get for him is a one-pager saying there is nothing in the file, it has been amalgamated, and to contact the staff.  My efforts to contact the staff by the link take me nowhere.  Is there a simple trick to this?  I must confess I haven't looked for him with his other service number.  Can anyone advise me please.

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Diane,   In the record search section just put in his full name and the info will come up about his other service

the other service no. appears to be WX2764


Thank you Elizabeth, I saw his WW2 papers, when I finally got near the end the WW1 stuff was there as well, I nearly gave up!  Thanks for your help

thanks, Diane

Diane,  That is great news

Have you seen this site which mentions him?





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