I am conducting a project to research the history of my grandfather's 10th Reinforcements of 28 Battalion AIF.  There were 205 members and I have read the files of 202 of them, tabulating relevant details as I go.


My problem is that three files are unavailable to read online (I am in Perth WA), as there is a single sheet that says 'Amalgamation of files' due to later service.


If I need to pay for a copy of the three files I will do so however I wonder if NAA might consider making the WW1 part of a service file available online?  There must be many such WW1 files that are not able to be viewed and from which the public would benefit. 

Your comments would be appreciated.


Many thanks


Peter Mitchell


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If you could let us know the names/details of the three men you still need to have access to, I can organise for the files to be digitised for you.  For those WWI files that were amalgamated into WWII files, and as a result missed out on being digitised when all of the other WWI files were digitised, we do not charge for their digitisation.



(NAA staff)

Hello Tonia,


Many thanks for your kind reply offering the digisation of the files.  I've read through 202 of the 205 files of the men in the 10th Reinforcements of 28 Battalion, so doing the last three will help to add a sense of completeness when I come to the analysis.

The details of the soldiers (all 10th Reinforcements of 28 Battalion) are as follows:

4052 Raymond PRESTON (later lieutenant so he would have dropped the SERN),

4211 Albert Charles RUNGE,

4171 James de Burgh MORRISON. 


My study involves the fate of these men; not just killed or wounded, but how men with particular skills were found and put into essential positions - Morrison I believe never made it to France because he was sent to AIF headquarters in London where he may have been using his land agency skills to arrange leases on property for use by the military.

Again, many thanks to you and the NAA staff for your kind assistance; I could never have taken on this project without the files being online.


All the best

Peter Mitchell





Hello Peter

I have submitted a request for these service records to be digitised.  I'm not sure how long it will take, as it is being done as a staff request.

Have you had a look at the records held by the Australian War Memorial.  They hold the unit diaries for WWI and the unit diaries for the 28th battalion can be found at http://www.awm.gov.au/collection/records/awm4/subclass.asp?levelID=....  Also, the official history of WWI is available online at https://www.awm.gov.au/histories/first_world_war/, and may provide additional colour and context.  If you contacted the AWM's research centre, they will be able to tell you about other records that may be of interest to you, such as whether there are photographs etc.  Their contact details are:

ph. +61 (02) 6243 4315
fax +61 (02) 6243 4545

Ask a question



(NAA staff)

Hi Tonia,


Many thanks for your kind reply.

I have downloaded all of the unit diaries, 28th Battalion, 7th Brigade, 2nd Division, and have copies of the maps of the places where the major battles were fought.  I've also made a lot of use of Trove to locate newspaper articles, and lastly, I have been using Ancestry.com to contact descendants of members of the 10th Reinforcements.

I will however follow up with the AWM regarding any suggestions they may be able to make.  This week I have ordered copies of files on Reinforcements from Australia generally as well as the training of troops in Australia.


All the besst, and thank you for ordering the files, time is no great issue, I have plenty to be going on with.


Kind regards


Peter Mitchell




Hi there

The three remaining WWI/WWII service records for the 28 Battalion soldiers you were researching have been digitised and can be viewed in RecordSearch. If you just do a keyword search using the WWII service number you should retrieve the item with the WWII digital copy.

Albert Charles RUNGE (WWII service number W27654) barcode 6506540. 

Raymond PRESTON (WWII service number WX11050) barcode 6469067.

James de Burgh MORRISON (WWII service number  W243935) barcode 5872035.





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