Can anyone help me I am trying to find any information on Alfred Abe Mcpherson/Macpherson(not Alfred AbelMcpherson)  born about 1876 in Adelaide according to his army records?  It looks like according to records he continued to come back and forwards to England every few years then back. His father's name was Andrew he was a miner.

On the ship records, it also states he was a miner also, then a seaman, then joined the army.  I can't find a birth certificate in Australia and I have no death. A possible death maybe 1962  26 March West Terrace Cemetery

Any help grateful

Kind Regards


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The Alfred McPherson who died 23 Mar 1962 and who was buried in West Terrace cemetery, was 76Y i.e. born abt 1885/6 (= abt 10 years too young).

In the same plot is an Eileen McPherson who was 7Y i.e. born abt 1910. She seems to have been his daughter (https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/209770450?searchTerm=mcp...)  


I’ve spent some time reading some old posts on various forums regarding “your” Alfred and the various bits and pieces make a rather confusing story. How true is that story that he was deported to Jamaica? It it is indeed true, then could the the following baptism be a possibility?:https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:VHDJ-595.


I don't believe Alfred was deported certainly after my great aunt died, it appeared he put all three children in a home in 1923 and was still within the vicinity until 1928, where the information found this week he was staying with his to be sister in law. He was working for a cement factory saving money for his children.  This is only my opinion this was made up because it must have angered the family that he didn't look after the children. I also think that they believed he was Jamaican because of the colour of his skin and curly hair, they didn't really know much about him.  I have been contacted about the posting by someone else chasing Alfred they had Alfred W McPherson they had chased this line but have now discarded this as the information is incorrect as they had a mother but no father. His army records definitely state he was born in Adelaide. I can only go by the age for certainty was on his marriage certificate. Alfred was illiterate as he marked with a cross so people obviously wrote things for him. In 1915 I have found some further information that he came a seaman and resided at 7 Greyer Street Adelaide but I can not find this address?  Maybe it was spelt incorrectly.

I had thought maybe he came back to Australia and remarried but this will never know.

I thank you for any help you can offer and have offered Sylvia.

Alfred would have stated that he was born in Adelaide in his 1915 and 1919 documentation. Nevertheless it is quite possible that  but he might have come to Adelaide as a young child and as such he might have genuinely believed that it was his place of birth. Or, maybe he was of (Jamaican?) mixed blood, and declaring that he was born in Adelaide might have been an easier option for him.

I'd already looked for Greyer street, but could not find it either.

BTW have you had a look at the following UK incoming list?:

Name: Alfred Macpherson
Arrival Age: 53
Birth Date: abt 1878
Port of Departure: Kingston, Jamaica
Arrival Date: 3 May 1931
Port of Arrival: Bristol, England
Ports of Voyage: Trinidad; Santa Marta; Barbados
Ship Name: Camito
Shipping Line: Elders and Fyffes Line
Official Number: 137796

The document (over 2 pages) mentions that he is a seaman and under “Country of which Citizen or Subject” is mentioned “Doutful. Coloured.”

I cant say that I have seen this document as at one time after Emma died I thought maybe this is where I should leave it. Where can I see all this document



It's on ancestry ....


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