Does anyone know how I can access the NAA Series B5172 online please?

I believe it is about Boer War Soldiers records

I have put this number into advanced search and got  nil results



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Hi Elizabeth,

Click on the 'Advanced Search' tab

Click on 'Series' second from the bottom of the pyramid

Enter a keyword (You can also leave the 'Keyword' box blank to get a list of all records in the series)

Enter a series number (three boxes down)


On the results page open the number link beside "Items in this series on RecordSearch"  - in the case of B5172 there are three items which are the Nominal Rolls of the Queensland Defence Force for service in South Africa and none are digitised.  The names on those nominal rolls should already appear on the AWM search:

Service Dossiers (where they have survived) are all digitised in series B4418

Other series links are here

Some are digitised.



Debra,  I replied to your message yesterday but it seems to have disappeared

Many thanks for the above info on accessing the records as I  was having difficulty working it out


There is so little info kept for Boer War Veterans - just trying to access more information


Much appreciated



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