Hi, just a quick question, why is it that my relative has an open status, but no digital records showing any of his details....also. he has 2 service Numbers, one open, one closed, could this have something to do with it. Hi service numbers are  Jamra Arthur Macey, NX97181 and  NX42605. Thank you for any reply!

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Hi Debra,

The NAA has millions of records and they are not all digitised and indexed online.  You can request that the records be digitised, just click on "request copy" on the right hand side of the item details page and follow the prompts.  The record that is "not yet examined" will be examined first for any sensitive material.  There is a fact sheet on WW2 records here http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/explore/defence/service-records/ar...



Thank you!


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