I am trying to write a family history which includes details of my brother and his family coming to Australia in 1958 and I was able to find the reference to his documents. I myself came in 1960 on the Strathnaver to Adelaide but cannot find a reference to my documents in the archives

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to locate them as I would really like to be reminded about the forms etc I filled in in England in 1960

k you


Michael McDonnell

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Hi Michael

It appears that your brother and his family's records have been indexed, but as yet, yours have not been.  We have a great many immigration records, the majority of which have not yet been indexed at the individual item level. I recommend you submit a reference inquiry for your immigration records using the form at http://naa.gov.au/collection/forms/imm-inquiry.aspx.  One of our reference officers will conduct a search of the records for you.

If there isn't a digital copy online for your brother and his family's records, if you wish, you can purchase a copy by following the steps at http://forum.naa.gov.au/forum/topics/purchasing-digital-copies-onli



(NAA staff)



I was very pleased to locate and receive some of the migration documents for my brother as well as myself and my mother from the 1960's . My mothers records showed why there was a last minute holdup because of her medical condition but was given clearance because she was traveling with me.

Just a couple of questions. I note that my brothers file enclosed a copy of the official acceptance of him as a migrant But my file did not include  a copy of this letter. I just wonder why this was.

Secondly, I know that my brother would have been sponsored by his brother in law James Lindley in Adelaide. I also know that my brother also sponsored myself and my mother   Do the migrations records have these sponsorships on record and can they be obtained ?

Thirdly. I applied for and received my Australian citizenship in the 1970's and I wonder if these records can also be obtained?

Again it was very interesting to peruse the records of so long ago and have become part of my family history I am writing

Michael McDonnell

Hi Michael

Apologies for not responding to your posting - I have just found it.  I'm sorry, I don't know why your brother's file had a copy of his official acceptance and yours did not.  Our National Copying Service would have copied everything that was available on the file.  Was your official acceptance included in your mother's letter, perhaps?  I gather from your sponsorship arrangements, that your brother came out first and then you and your mother followed, perhaps some time later.  It is likely that different migration officials handled your cases, and that there may have been some differences either in the way the officials filed any information received, or there were different paperwork requirements.  Re sponsorship records, any information that was retained by the Government about your migration to Australia would have been on your migrant selection records which you have already obtained.

You can obtain a copy of your naturalisation file and citizenship information.  Please use the online form at  http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/forms/fam-inquiry.aspx to request them.

Kind regards



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