Hi,I would appreciate it if somehow,some-one could help me secure information re. my fathers arrival in Australia on the S.S.Themistocles on the 13-5-1926.He came out on the "Big Brother Scheme"I'm not sure of the port of embarkation nor port of dis-embarkation.Regards Bart

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Hi Bart,

The Themistocles left England in March 1926 and stopped at all ports - WA, Vic, NSW and Queensland.  If you know that is the day he disembarked then it was Sydney that it arrived on 13 May 1926.

There is a document digitised on RecordSearch which is the voyage documentation with reports from the welfare officer about the boys.  I haven't read it all but page 28 mentions that a W.A. Birch had already had measles, and page 31 says he has a preference for farming sheep and wheat!  Lots of info in there about how they spent the journey.


Some newspaper reports:





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